Slurping Kimchi Soup at Daebak Dakgalbi @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

Kimchi Soup

Kimchi Soup

One hot sunny day, bored with work and the heat, I had cravings for some Kimchi soup. I consulted my trusty food adviser, MR foursquare in search for Korean Restaurants in the PJ vicinity. There were quite a number of Korean Restaurants in Kota Damansara, so I embarked on my quest for Korean. Korean food…A cuisine of traditions. A tradition of winters. A tradition of food storage. A tradition of fermentations. Continue reading

Kompassion – Thai Fusion

Love Thai food? Then you should try Thai Fusion! There’s a lovely but simple, modern and cozy place in Damansara Kim which serves delicious, really mouth-watering and appetizing meals. The main crowd who visits this restaurant is mainly the younger generation ranging from 20’s to late 30’s. This restaurant serves pork which is absolutely delicious and very well prepared.

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