Yoga Retreat at Song Yan / D’Hillpines Bukit Tinggi

Yoga Retreat at D'hillPines

Yoga Retreat at D’hillPines

D’HillPines has posted on facebook of a yoga retreat that was held there. I can imagine how nice it would be to breath the beautiful Mountain Air. With the gentle cool breeze in our face. As we do yoga poses and meditate. Eating the food that is both fully organic and sourced from the farm next door. Continue reading

Another beautiful organic harvest @ Song Yan / D’hillpines, Bukit Tinggi

D’Hillpines has gotten another bountiful harvest  from their luscious organic farm. As seen on the photos they posted on the 25th of may, 2014. Lucky are the diners at D’Hillpines now. Fresh and tasty organic food!

Organic Garden

Organic Garden

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Song Yan / DHillPines Resort @ Kampung Bukit tinggi-Bentong (Bkt Tinggi series pt 1)

This is part of our Bukit Tinggi Series:-
1.DHillPines Resort @ Kampung Bukit tinggi-Bentong
2.Lunch at Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard PJ 
3.Dinner at Restaurant Summer Park @ Kampung Bukit Tinggi 

I took a day trip to Bukit Tinggi and did a outing at D’HillPines Resort. My friends who are locals brought us around.The experience was delightful.

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