Green Gold, The Olive Oil Chronicles: Being Frank (Episode 2)

The Dynamic Duo of Being Frank

The Dynamic Duo – Being Frank

This show shows us what’s it’s like to have a best friend for life! Watch as the Dynamic Duo and Best Friends for life -Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli host a show about them visiting Sicily and “Being The Frankies”. The food and scenery of Sicily is just lovely! Continue reading

Videos from the TuneHotels@KLIA2 Pyjamas #RoomerHasIt Party

Elizabeth Tan Sings at the #RoomerHasIt Tune Hotel@KLIA2

Elizabeth Tan Sings at the #RoomerHasIt Tune Hotel@KLIA2

Here are some videos we recorded from the party. The #RoomerHasIt Party was held in TuneHotels@KLIA2. With Stars like Melissa Indot, Elizabeth Tan, DJ Faith perforiming. Adrian Jalaluddin MCed the event. Continue reading

Song Yan / DHillPines Resort @ Kampung Bukit tinggi-Bentong (Bkt Tinggi series pt 1)

This is part of our Bukit Tinggi Series:-
1.DHillPines Resort @ Kampung Bukit tinggi-Bentong
2.Lunch at Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard PJ 
3.Dinner at Restaurant Summer Park @ Kampung Bukit Tinggi 

I took a day trip to Bukit Tinggi and did a outing at D’HillPines Resort. My friends who are locals brought us around.The experience was delightful.

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Hand made noodles in Ulu Yam


Ulu Yam Lam Mee Noodles with vinegar

Did you know that Ulu Yam has nice home made noodles and is well known for it’s signature dish of ‘loh mee’? Something different to try is the fried mee hoon with stew pork.
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