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The new Jam-packed pizza, totally tasty!

“Double-layered, Jam-packed, and Extra-ordinary” best illustrates the latest offering from Pizza Hut, offering an abundance of flavours in just one pizza! As the name suggests, the Jam-Packed Pizza is a double layered pizza loaded with sauces, toppings, and 3-flavoured cheese, giving twice the satisfaction in each bite. Indulge in the delicious crispy upper tortilla crust topped with luscious pesto sauce, shredded chicken, chicken pepperoni florets and capsicum.  The bottom pizza complements the flavours on top with an abundance of chicken pepperoni and fresh ingredients that are simply irresistible.  Continue reading

Supper @ Western corner Kuan Yew Coffee shop

Thinking of supper? Went to SS3 and stopped by Kuan Yew Coffee shop for Western food. Unlike usual coffee shops whereby the back of the restaurant is usually ‘tai pai thong’ this coffee shop’s signature is their Western food section.

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