The Sunset Suit of Beach Club Cafe – Spanish Cava Wine Tasting

The Sunset bar's bar

The Sunset Suite’s bar

After successfully relocating to a sprawling new premise, just 100 meters down from its iconic landmark. Beach Club Cafe now introduces ‘Sunset Suite’ on its first floor. ‘Sunset Suite’ is an offering of sensuality and intimacy. It is a retreat from the vaudeville experience of the Beach Club arena yet remains connected to the celebration below.

‘Sunset Suite’ is your own domain. Liken it to the upper tiers of a theater where the best seats are available, enclaves with private booths for the higher echelon clientele. It exudes a sense of arrival, from its grand staircase to be chaperoned to your own theater. Adorned with white italian marble flooring, sleek silk sheer drapes for any private occasion with plush furniture setting and eclectic array of crystal chandeliers, table lamps and  handpicked art pieces.

Arabian style lounge at the Sunset Suite of Beach Club

Arabian style lounge at the Sunset Suite of Beach Club

The philosophy of ‘Sunset Suite’ is all about you. It embraces all your senses, not only a night out but redefining party experience. Sit back, unwind, be pampered in your own private suite while enjoying the sight and sound of the club, melded into a melodic euphoria.
Beach Club Café brings you the experience of Spanish wines together with the 5th oldest winemaking company in the World and first Cava House in Spain Grupo Codorníu Raventós.


Anna de CODORNIU wine

The Spanish range to be served during the night includes cavas, Anna de CODORNIU Blanc de Blancs (today the number one Cava in Spain) and Gran Bach Brut. Rioja wines La Vicalanda Reserva DOCa and Vina Pomal Crianza DOCa. From Aragon Veranza Chardonnay I.G.P Valle del Cinca and Veranza Tinto I.G.P Valle del Cinca.


The Spanish range of the Cava Wines

We are honored to have Mr Paco Gago in town this evening. He will journey through the awe-inspiring Spanish wines pair with mouth-watering food from Beach Club Café. Born and raised in Spain and educated in Europe (Spain, the UK, France and Austria), Paco Gago is the appointed Brand Ambassador for Grupo Codorníu Raventós in South-East Asia. His passion for Spanish wines together with his international background and experience as Trade Consultant in the Embassy of Spain in Singapore gave him the opportunity to become part of the family Grupo Codorníu Raventós, Spain’s Cava leader since its inception and today one of the longest standing family business in the world.


A model presenting the cava wine

A model presenting the cava wine

About Grupo Codorníu

Codorníu is the world’s largest producer of cava made by the traditional champagne method (méthode traditionelle). More than 450 years of experience have given Grupo Codorniu the expertise needed to compete at the highest level.

Codorniu is the company that invented CAVA in Barcelona back in 1872 and the 5th oldest winery in the world since 1551. Apart from being the cava creators, this family-run business owns some of the world oldest and most prestigous awarded wineries and vineyards in La Rioja, El Priorat (since the XII century), Medonza Argentina or California Napa Valley. Furthermore since 1897 and still today, Grupo Codorniu is official purveyor of the Royal Family House of Spain.

The Cava Wines

The Cava Wines

Grupo Codorníu captures the rich winemaking tradition of Spain and the spirit of innovation that has made the company a respected world leader in viticulture and winemaking. Wines from Bodegas Bilbaínas, Raimat, Legaris, Scala Dei, Septima and of course Codorníu are receiving praise and awards from across the globe for expressing the very best of their origins.

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