Good Good Time at Tiger Translate@Kenanga City

Translate Neon Lights Logo

Translate Neon Lights Logo

Tiger Translate- a music concert cum mini art festival,  that was held on the 14th of June 2014 at Kenanga Wholesale City Mall. It was a night of music, beer, and Street Artsy stuff. Bellow are the GGL team’s debrief of the event.

The Activities

There were stick on Tattoos booths. Dual Trampolines. Free T-Shirts Booths. Wrist tag Value Top Up Booth. Food Booth and Bars. we would have prefer a spray paint tattoos. Because the stick on one looks rather fake and is hard to remove anyway.

The Stage

This event features live performances by English alternative band Editors, indie rock outfit Chochukmo and Manic Sheep. Local musician OJ Law will be bringing his signature electro-pop music to the event as well.

The Crowd

The Arts
LIVE art jams by Tiger Translate artists. Murals were painted. Also a crowd source spray painted statue of a Giant Tiger Bottle.

The Wrist Tag Entry Tag and Payment System.
We were given a wrist tag with a NFC chip, which serves as a virtual wallet like the Touch N Go card. Nexus 7s was used to top up values and deduct value at the Food vendor And the Bars.

Jump to 18 second mark in the video to see the payment system in action.

The Beautiful View of The KL City Skyline

View of the KL Skyline: Tour of Tiger Translate

The view was beautiful.

The verdict

It was nice of Tiger to organize the event. We enjoyed the beer and food ( the wrist tag had $75. which is about 4 beers and 1 chicken burger worth ).

The Venue was conveniently located. However it was a hot night, and the organizer should have done more to cool the area down. Or at least make it a casual dressing event. The promotional theme seem to put it as a classy clubbing nite out. I saw many people dressed in clubbing attire. Ladies wore tight dresses and high heels. It must have been somewhat uncomfortable. However Tiger can’t control the weather. And I guess the participants should have known it was a more of a concert festival event and should have dressed accordingly.

The art seem somewhat interesting. However nothing really stood out. The payment system was fascinating. It was first time we have seen a nfc system.

Overall the night out was somewhat average.

Bellow more videos we recorded at Tiger Translate.

The Editors Performing at Tiger Translate 1 (Extra Loud)

The Editors Performing at Tiger Translate 2 (Extra Loud)

The Editors Performing at Tiger Translate 3 (Extra Loud)

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