Lunch at Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard PJ (Bkt Tinggi series pt 2)

This is part of our Bukit Tinggi Series:-
1.DHillPines Resort @ Kampung Bukit tinggi-Bentong
2.Lunch at Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard PJ 
3.Dinner at Restaurant Summer Park @ Kampung Bukit Tinggi 

Looking for a place that serves a good variety of organic dishes? Do try Greenlicious Restaurant. In our recent trip(D’HillPines, Bukit Tinggi), we had a delicious meal of organic grown vegetables from Kampung Bukit Tinggi. We found out that they too get their organic vegetable supply from Bukit Tinggi where they serve customers and if you are interested, you can also buy the green vegetables at Greenlicious as well.


Greenlicious is located in 10 Boulevard. Near the NKVE Damansara toll. We really like the interior decoration. Which was made up of a indoor pseudo house with stilts and ropes. Simple, yet cozy concept that made us feel at home.




They had a good variety of menu which was somewhat unique. In every dish, they had labels stating the percentage of the dishes having organic content. I had order the Nasi Lemak KL Tower, which was 85% organic. I found the Nasi Lemak somewhat plain tasting as I am not accustomed to eating brown rice. This is potentially the result of my taste buds being accustomed to stronger flavours and oily conventional hawker food which I love.



The other dish we ordered was ‘Lui Char’ a famous Hakka dish. As compared to the ‘Lui Char’s’ out there, the dish was rather unique in terms of the ingredients put in. Having most of the vegetables being organic, a healthy dish of ‘Lui Char’ felt even healthier with organic vegetables in it!

Overall we would give it a 3/5 dinning experience and for the nice ambiance. In terms of the food, we give it a 3.5/5. Should you decide to have organic food from fresh vege’s from Bukit Tinggi, drop by Greenlicious for a try and tell us what you think!

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