International Mojito Day at WIP

Photo 1From its timeworn origins as a panacea for shipboard ailments, the humble Mojito, popularized by Ernest Hemingway, has gained immense popularity in recent years, but nowhere more so than at WIP in Bangsar Shopping Centre, where you can find the largest selection of Mojitos in KL.

Photo 2Thanks to their unstinting attention to the Cuban cocktail, WIP has long been considered the best place around to get a refreshing, perfectly made Mojito. This year, guests were greeted with an explosion of colours and serenaded by Latin percussionists as WIP celebrated World Mojito Day in true Havana style on 11th July 2018.

Photo 3For those new to the Mojito, WIP conducted a Mojito masterclass, displaying the dedication and effort that goes into every cocktail. The stars of the night were of course, the rainbow of Mojitos exclusive to WIP including the Mango Lychee, Strawberry Coconut, Tumeric Tango, Bora Bora, Dragon Eye and Ananas.

Photo 6When commenting on the house speciality, Brian Choo, Executive Director of the SOUL Society Group said, “A fruity Mojito is always refreshing in hot tropical weather. Furthermore, the flexible nature of the cocktail allows us to experiment and come up with delicious new recipes using local ingredients and the wide of selection syrups, purees and juices available at the home of the Mojito. WIP will continue to take pride in offering the Klang Valley a Mojito experience like no other.”

In keeping with the Cuban theme, Mojito lovers had a chance to pair their cocktails with a wide selection of Cuban cigars. As the lucky winner of a contest by La Casa Del Habano, one guest even got to bring home a brand-new RM3000 humidor.

WIP continues to be the ideal place to unwind after a hard day’s work, that offers personable service and memorable experiences. For more information on WIP and its latest offerings, visit the WIP Facebook page:

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