More Affordable Sexy Electric Cars will come with Tesla Motor Patents Open Source Move

Tesla Motors has officially gone “Do No Evil”. The Palo Alto based company has announce it will release it’s catalogue of Electric Car Patents as Open Source. Meaning any company can examine and use it’s patent in “good faith” and compete with Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk, borh June 28, 1971 (age 43). taken from wikipedia

Elon Musk, borh June 28, 1971 (age 43). taken from wikipedia

Just like the reason behind Google’s actions.The rationale is altruistic in nature. As explained by CEO Elon Musk in a blog post titled “All Our Patent Are Belong To You

Given that annual new vehicle production is approaching 100 million per year and the global fleet is approximately 2 billion cars, it is impossible for Tesla to build electric cars fast enough to address the carbon crisis. By the same token, it means the market is enormous. Our true competition is not the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, but rather the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories every day.

We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform.

Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed against a determined competitor, but rather by the ability of a company to attract and motivate the world’s most talented engineers. We believe that applying the open source philosophy to our patents will strengthen rather than diminish Tesla’s position in this regard.

The rationale might also be capitalist in nature. In our investigation on a thread on Reddit. A user suggested that Tesla stand on making alot of money from the Tesla’s $5b giga battery factory when it comes online in 2017. Tesla needs more electric cars battery sales to make the factory profitable. Regardless the batteries is sold to Tesla Motors or it’s competitor.

Photo Credit: enriqueburgosgarcia via Compfight cc

WIN WIN Photo Credit: enriqueburgosgarcia via Compfight cc

This move is a win win for Tesla Motors. Profitability wise as well as Altruistic wise. The future looks a little brighter with companies like Google and Tesla working their magic on the world’s economy. We here at GGL are looking forward to this open source move driving down car Fully Electric Car prices and improving the technology through competitions.

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