10 Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain

Are you limiting your workouts to the weekends? Then you’ve probably learned that infrequent physical exertion often has its revenge the following day in the form of sore, stiff muscles.

Achy muscles are a harmless but unpleasant phenomenon that usually disappears by itself after a few days, and is best alleviated through heat applications, if you train regularly and feel fit you’re not likely to suffer unduly from this malady. Muscle cramps can also be due to overload or other causes such as circulatory disorders or a mineral deficiency.

• Sore muscles
1- Take it easy during the first 12-48 hours. Sore muscles don’t have full function, and continued strenuous demands carry a heightened risk of injury.

2- A hot bath can help you feel better. Add some hay flowers or moor mud, plus spruce needle or mountain pine extracts for a soothing effect. The caveat: avoid excess heat for two to three hours after a tough workout, as it will promote circulation and increase inflammation.

3- A warm wrap with arnica tincture can ease the pain. First moisten a cloth with hot water and wring it out, then put a few drops of arnica tincture on the cloth and apply to the sore muscle.

4- Massage can help ease sore stiff muscles.

5- Ample fluid intake flushes excess acids from your body, and supplies it with important minerals. Good choices include herbal teas and vegetables and/or fruit juices diluted with mineral water containing
Little or no sodium

• Muscle cramps
6- To relax a leg cramp in the calf, carefully stretch the muscle against the direction of the cramping, then walk back and forth a few paces. In stubborn cases, sit on the ground pull your toes toward you, and stretch your leg out fully, after that, gently massage the muscle.

7- Rubs containing extracts of menthol, camphor, or horse chestnut can add extra oomph to a massage loosen up cramps, so can essential oils containing St. John’s wort, eucalyptus, spruce needle, or thyme.

8- A lack of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium is probably the biggest cause of nighttime leg cramps, they are abundant in fennel, broccoli, bananas, dried fruits, oatmeal, nuts, milk, cream cheese and cheese.

9- Cider vinegar provides your body with potassium, drink 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water every evening for at least four weeks.

10- If your cramps are the result of a magnesium deficiency, taking magnesium in the form of effervescent tablets, in consultation with a doctor, is a good idea.


If you have ever burned your tongue or found yourself with an unshakeable case of hiccups, here is a list of natural and home remedies that may help you next time.

  • Foot Odor – Vodka

Apparently vodka is not only for drinking but may also help you with this smelly situation. This is because alcohol in vodka is an antiseptic and has drying properties, this destroys odor-causing fungus and bacteria and dries out the moisture that lets these organisms grow.

Breath 3

  • Headaches – Pencil

Put a pencil between your teeth but don’t bite, this relaxes jaw muscle, preventing a tension headache, do this as soon as you start feeling a little anxious or stressed.

bad breathe

  • Bad breath – Yogurt

It might sound bizarre, but yogurt has a live bacterium that suppresses levels of bad breath-causing bacteria, this means that “good” bugs crowd out the “bad” stink-causing bacteria.

  • Blisters – Listerine

Pour some Listerine onto a piece of cotton and rub the affected area 3 times a day until the area dries out and no longer hurts.

  • Cold sores – Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm has antiviral properties that work to tame the cold sore outbreaks. Try to make this your first herbal treatment choice.

  • Calluses and Corns – Licorice

Licorice is not only a sweet treat but also may soften the hard skin of calluses and corns
because of an estrogen-like substance they contain.

achy feed

  • Achy Feet – Tennis Ball

If you feel you need to stretch and soothe your aches grab a tennis ball and roll each foot over it for a few minutes, its like a free massage.

  • Eczema – Olive Oil

Olive oil is packed with antioxidants that can reduce the inflammation associated with eczema, that’s why its the basis for many moisturizers. Apply it directly to the affected area to soothe flare-ups.

  • Hiccups – Sugar

Sugar modifies the nerve muscles that would otherwise tell the muscles in the diaphragm to contract spasmodically and contribute to hiccups. The customer feedback about the supplement that is going around is really good, mainly they rave about how you swallow one spoon-full and hiccups will be gone in minutes.

  • Motion Sickness – Olives or Lemons

Motion sickness causes you to produce excess saliva and olives have compounds called tannins that dry out your mouth and can help soothe queasiness.

  • Brittle nails – Vegetable Oil

Apply vegetable oil to your hands before you go to bed, it will penetrate your skin preventing your hands and nails from getting too dry.

  • Mouth Burn – Ice Cream

The coolness of the ice cream can bring temporary relief from a food burn in your mouth, remember the tissue on the roof of your mouth is only a few millimeters thick, so it’s very sensitive to hot foods.


  • Whiter Teeth – Apples

Crunchy fruits and vegetables have a natural cleansing action that works on tooth enamel to remove stains as soon as you chew them.

  • Cuts – Cloves

Clove oil is rich in eugenol, a chemical that’s both antiseptic and pain-killing, sprinkle powdered cloves in the cut and it will prevent it from getting infected.