10 Main Reasons Why People Remain Single


Are you still single? This is a question that most people ask others and it comes to a point that we sometimes feel awkward already. This isn’t just happening in your place but it can happen anywhere in the world. We see a lot of people around us that are together with someone else. These could be partners, lovers or a husband and wife. There are also those that do not have partners and are often by themselves.

1. Personality only you can manage

We may admit it or not but reality could actually hurt. We could be experiencing difficulties in terms of getting along with the opposite sex. If you love to flirt around and people know this by chance, then most likely men or women will not take you seriously at all.


2. Born to be shy

There are a lot of people who think that they are born to be shy. They think that there is never a chance that they will be able to get out of their shells and sad to say that sometimes this kind of thinking keeps them at a distance from men or women and other people.


3. Still in love with the ex

You could be the guilty one here. A lot of people could not move on with their lives because they are still hoping that they will be able to get back to their previous love life. These people could no longer move on and they always cherish the happy memories they experienced in the past.


4. Freedom

Some people believe that they will no longer have the freedom when they are going to have a partner in life. This could be attributed to the fact that perhaps some of their friends are experiencing this or it could be happing in the family.


5. Staying away from commitments

Being committed means that you need to devote your time to your loved one and it could even lead to leaving everything behind for that person and because of this, people who are still alone have a tendency to think this way.

6. Money

Some people have an idea that being committed means that you need to have a lot of money or enough money to support the family and if your current financial status says otherwise then there is definitely a tendency to be aloof with relationships because of this.

7. Over confident

Some people are just oozing with confidence and not realizing that the confidence that he or she is has is already annoying other people. People thus keep their distance from the over confident person resulting to being alone furthermore.

8. Love is not in the vocabulary

There are people that do not believe that there is love and that it exists among us. For them it is just a state of mind and one can do without it and be just fine.

9. Cannot find time for love

Being indulged in work will definitely veer you away from a possible love life and being at work for more than eight hours a day could actually put you in a closet and stay inside for a very long time.

10. Waiting for the right one

Some of us believe that the right person will come at the right time. Oftentimes, even if there is someone already we still think that the perfect one is still to come and this results to waiting forever.



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