Bone & Pot’s New Collagen Soup: The Tasty Choice to Health and Beauty

06The Bone & Pot delicacy consists of three important elements which are quality broth, fresh ingredients, and irresistibly delicious dipping sauces. Bone & Pot is expanding their menu to include “Collagen Soup”, a tasty choice to health and beauty. The secret ingredient is the collagen jelly, derived from deep sea marine sources imported fresh from Japan. Continue reading

Slurping Kimchi Soup at Daebak Dakgalbi @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

Kimchi Soup

Kimchi Soup

One hot sunny day, bored with work and the heat, I had cravings for some Kimchi soup. I consulted my trusty food adviser, MR foursquare in search for Korean Restaurants in the PJ vicinity. There were quite a number of Korean Restaurants in Kota Damansara, so I embarked on my quest for Korean. Korean food…A cuisine of traditions. A tradition of winters. A tradition of food storage. A tradition of fermentations. Continue reading

Waku Waku for you?

Waku Waku (わくわく) simply means “excitement” or “thrill” in Japanese. Situated on the top floor of Mid Valley, right opposite the Convention Center, next to Muji, there’s a Japanese restaurant Waku Waku. Waku Waku has a contemporary dining ambience suited to the younger, hip lifestyle. The place was bustling with people. If you are one who enjoys good company, good food and good service, this is a place you should visit.

Magners Irish Cider Consumer Launch in Malaysia

Magners Irish Cider was launched on 27 March 2013. It is widely available in super and hypermarkets (in bottles) and selective bars (both tap bottles) and across the country. A pint of Magners in bars is around RM30++.

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