The all new Goa By Hubba with Celebrity Chef Sapna Anan

Sapna Anand

Sapna Anand

Goa, the smallest Indian state on the west coast, has remained the dream destination for travelers all over the globe. Pristine beaches, a unique cultural mix coupled with warm hospitality, upscale accommodation and deliciously different food keep national and international tourists returning for decades.

In Kuala Lumpur, there happens to be a slice of that magic in the guise of Goa by Hubba located at the prestigious Ascott Kuala Lumpur, in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Celebrating the spices of Indian cuisine, the menu features New Indian Cuisine by Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand, herself born and bred in Goa.

MVIMG_20180815_203723Almost a year since it’s inception, Goa has garnered an assembly of admirers drawn to signature dishes like the Kashmiri Lamb Chop, Garlic Butter Prawn, Vegetarian Mantoa and Beef Vindalho. What more when these delectable dishes are complemented by Goan Inspired Cocktails that amuses the palate with exotic spices.

Not resting on its laurels, Sapna and the Goa team have been rustling up new dishes to inject freshness into the menu. With her many months away recently, and this time to India’s tropical Malabar Coast, Kerala, Sapna has brought home some very interesting flavours.The new dishes were showcased in an exclusive tasting session…….. An Evening with Sapna.

“Working with Sapna has been such a pleasure! This lady has a more hectic schedule than me but once she’s here, her boisterous personality and passion for her food draws you into her world. A real chilli padi! We are thrilled that she has taken the time to come up with some new dishes for us which was highlighted tonight.” exclaimed Michele Kwok, owner of Goa by Hubba.

MVIMG_20180815_204646Five new dishes synonymous with Keralan fare were presented with flair. The hero were the home made Appams which served as the base to be enjoyed with the new dishes. The Beef Pepper Fry with bite sized chunks of beef laden with spices especially pepper made for a tasty snack. The vegetarian Vegetable Ishtew was simple yet very flavourful. The Fish Mango Curry using fresh red snapper was subtly tart as it uses young raw mango which left an umami aftertaste on your palate. You may also opt for Tiger prawns instead of the red snapper for this delightful curry. The melt in your mouth Malabar Style Mutton Curry was literally to die for, rich, spicy yet mellow, this dish drew the most ooooohs and aaaaaaahs round the table. The Goan Prawn Curry cooked cooked in freshly grated coconut and tamarind, is a rich and creamy dish, a must have for all Goans! The dinner ended on a sweet note with a Caramelised Banana & Goa’s Home-made Peanut Ice Cream with Appam which hit the right note.

MVIMG_20180815_202124“My food is simple and is what I would cook for my family. I am so happy to be able to share it with you tonight. The hero of tonight’s food are the spices, the cooking and the combinations you tasted tonight are the secret to sublime Indian cooking.” explained Sapna modestly. If that was not enough, the dinner also featured Bombay Sapphire Gin in the guise of Indian Inspired Cocktails like the Masala Mantra, Kinky Kokum, Mama Manca and Pandara Martini. The new dishes will be launched on 20 Aug for all to enjoy! So it’s time to make that beeline to Goa……and you don’t have to buy a plane ticket!

Sapna Anand

Sapna Anand

About Sapna Anand

Born & bred in Goa, her passion for food only surfaced after she and her husband moved to San Francisco from India. With not many restaurants in the vicinity where they lived and the high cost of eating out, she had no choice but to cook for her husband which started her culinary journey. Later on, upon moving to the UK, she trained under some of the best Indian chefs there and she is a graduate from the elite science of gastronomy and the art of fine dining program of Le Cordon Bleu Paris and underwent an intensive pastry course at the Le Cordon Bleu Bangkok. Upon moving to Malaysia, Sapna honed her passion using many readily available ingredients that she needed for her dishes. She began cooking for her friends and experimenting with new flavours and techniques – her family and friends were happy and willing participants. Meanwhile, Sapna’s Facebook page had cultivated a loyal following where she shares her daily home-cooking adventures. Eventually, Sapna’s social media presence caught the attention of a cooking school, @19 Culinary Studio. She was invited to teach cooking classes focused on Modern Indian Cuisine. From her stint here, the fruition of her first cookbook New Indian Kitchen came about in 2014.

Sapna now has her hands full with restaurant consultation specialising in menu planning and staff training and even has her own spice brand available throughout Malaysia. She has 2 books titled New Indian Kitchen and Fast Indian Cooking on the bookshelves with two more in the pipelines. Her own cooking show on AFC just ended its second season and was aired in 11 countries.

Address: The Ascott Kuala Lumpur, No 9 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012 210 3055 (Enquiries & Reservations)

Business Hours: Mondays to Sundays – 6pm till 1am

Keep in touch: Email : [email protected]

Website : goabyhubba #goabyhubba

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