The Corona Sunset Party@Luna Bar

We joined the Corona Sunset Party@Luna Bar on the 19th of April which had the lovely view of the twin towers. It was fun drinking the Mexican Beer and watched the Beautiful People in beach wear .

Corona Sunset Party@Luna Bar

Corona Sunset Party@Luna Bar


Corona, The world’s best selling Mexican Beer


Corona, The world’s best selling Mexican Beer 

Corona Sunset Party@Luna Bar

Corona Sunset Party@Luna Bar

There was a bikini babe dunking event where many dudes tried their luck to get the babes drenched.


Bikini Babe getting dunked 

And good looking bikini babes and dudes swimming. Sorry for the lousy photos.

IMG_20140419_232522 IMG_20140419_232525



Someone got drenched.


Water Gun Locked and Loaded


Drinking party – beer pour down an ice cold sculpture.

Carlsberg Execs had some fun. You would know what it was about if you were there.

Video of the carlsberg exec being coerced into drinking from a big Corona ice bottle.

Corona Booth. We bought the Corona t-shirt which was reasonably cheap for the quality.

We took some beautiful shots.

IMG_20140419_232902 IMG_20140419_232929 IMG_20140419_233258 IMG_20140419_234936


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