gab_cny2As the Year of Goat approaches, Tiger beer brings its Chinese New Year campaign closer to the hearts of their loyal consumers through on-ground activities, promising an exciting promotion with great prizes and events. One of its nationwide road show campaign was held at a local food court in Klang Valley today.

During the on-ground event, consumers who purchased 3 big bottles of Tiger Beer, Guinness, Heineken or Anchor were given a draw voucher for them to be in the running as one of the 15 winners. Rewards ranged from cash prizes to supplies of Tiger Beer, Guinness and gold plated Fu Lu Shou set that is worth up to RM1,000 each. Besides the exciting prizes, consumers were also entertained by a variety of song and dance performances to elevate the festive mood among them.

Hans Essaadi, Managing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) said, “Our main objective this brand new lunar year is to give back to consumers who love our beer. To further enhance this auspicious time of year, we made great efforts to bring the “Celebration of Golden Prosperity” campaign to places where our loyal consumers enjoy our beers with their family and friends. Through this, we hope to share with them the prosperous spirit and good fortune of the festivity.”

These on-ground events will also be held at various outlets in Peninsular Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, and Pahang at a pre-designated time to further reward their loyal consumers.

gab_cny3Throughout the promotional period of the “Celebration of Golden Prosperity” which is between 5th January 2015 and 28th February 2015, consumers who purchase any big bottles of Tiger Beer, Guinness, Heineken or Anchor may be in the running to win one of the 100 pure gold worth up to RM1mil or other exciting prizes such as 100,000 bottles of Tiger Radler and 800xRM388 filled angpow packets. That’s a total of RM2.2mil worth of prizes up for grabs upon answering a few questions correctly.

100 consumers who get hold of the winning bottle cap liners will be invited to the finale event which will be held in Klang Valley where they will have an opportunity to crack open a golden egg to reveal if they have won one of 10x500g or 90x10g pure gold.

Usher in the Year of Goat with GAB’s award-winning range of iconic brews and look forward to a “Celebration of Golden Prosperity”. For more information on this campaign, please visit www.gab.com.my. This promotion is open to non-Muslim Malaysians who are 18 years old and above.

gab_cny1如意吉祥的乙未羊年,即将来临。Tiger Beer 推出一系列新春庆祝活动及促销,以丰富奖品回馈忠实消费者,让消费者富贵吉祥迎新年。Tiger Beer 其中一场新春全国巡回活动今天于甲洞的一所饮食中心举行。

在这金喜洋洋的活动里,消费者只需购买 3 大瓶 Tiger Beer、Guinness、Heineken 或 Anchor 佳酿,即可获得幸运抽奖礼券一张,有机会成为 15 位优胜者之一。当晚的奖品寓意吉祥,包括现金奖、Tiger Beer 、 Guinness,以及价值1 千令吉的镀金福禄寿。除了丰富奖品外,现场更安排了许多精彩的歌舞表演,带动新春气氛,让消费者感染浓浓喜气,更沾金喜。

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) 董事经理Hans Essaadi说:“我们举办农历新年活动的目的,旨在回馈我们的饮家。在这普天同庆的节日,我们更推出“金喜连连,样样胜”(Celebration of Golden Prosperity)活动,确保忠实消费者与亲朋好友欢庆新年、举杯畅饮的时候,获得丰富奖品。通过此活动,我们与消费者分享佳节带来的欢乐吉祥和富贵好运。”


gab_cny3金喜连连,样样胜”促销活动于2015年1月5日至2015年2月28日期间举行,消费者只需购买任何大瓶装 Tiger Beer、Guinness、Heineken 或 Anchor,即有机会赢取总值高达一百万令吉的 100 块纯金金条之一,以及其他丰富奖品,例如 10 万瓶小瓶装Tiger Radler 和 800 封 388 令吉的红包。只需正确回答几道问题,就有机会赢取总值高达220 万令吉的丰富奖金和奖品。

100 名获得赢奖A瓶盖内衬的消费者,将受邀出席在巴生谷举行的压轴活动。这些幸运儿将有机会敲开金蛋,看看他们赢获 10块500 克纯金金条之一,抑或 90块10 克纯金金条之一。

举杯欢庆喜气洋洋的羊年,畅饮 GAB 屡获殊荣的佳酿,享受“金喜连连,样样胜”活动带来的金喜和厚礼。欲知活动的更多详情,请浏览 www.gab.com.my。此促销活动只公开给18 岁以上非穆斯林大马人士参加。

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