FINDIT Mobile Application - landing page (Custom)FINDIT is Malaysia’s first and only integrated platform for search across local businesses, deals, classifieds and soon to be launched marketplace. The location-based app seeks to redefine the way

Malaysian consumers search for information about local businesses and how consumers connect with these businesses.

With the aim of effectively bringing together consumers and businesses in an integrated, easy-to-use mobile platform, FINDIT gives people access to information in order to locate even the most obscure products or services within their vicinity. With the added convenience of maps and directional tools, consumers can also easily locate these places even if they are not familiar with the area.

The app also offers a function that helps businesses to promote the best deals and discount offers to draw existing and potential customers. Through the ratings and reviews function on the app, consumers can also have their say about any searchable product or service, as well as instantly evaluate information shared by other consumers  to help with the decision making process.

FINDIT Mobile Application - home page (Custom)

“FINDIT’s mission is to provide Malaysian consumers with a better way to search for information, and give them greater access to products and services that they need and want. While consumers benefit from the availability of hyper-local information 24/7, FINDIT’s unique platform also helps Malaysian entrepreneurs and companies grow their businesses by connecting them to consumers who are looking for the products and services they offer,” commented Manav Sethi, Head of Marketing and Products, FINDIT Services Sdn Bhd.

FINDIT serves as an important tool for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to become more discoverable and grow their businesses. The app provides greater visibility for SMEs to a much wider market, capitalising on the popular mobile platform to connect SMEs with potential customers. FINDIT currently lists information on 225,000 businesses in over 800+ categories on its mobile smartphone app.

Manav Sethi, Head of Marketing and Products, FINDIT Services Sdn Bhd,  redefining the way the public searches for information (Custom)

“FINDIT is a representation of how we can simplify lives and create new ways of working for enterprises. In an increasingly mobile-driven business environment, FINDIT enables them to reach out to a wider market and establish a larger presence by simply listing themselves on the directory for free. With the option to enhance their profiles through richer content such as pictures, GPS coordinates and more, FINDIT is an excellent platform for business and enterprise to promote their services and leverage on the app’s unique features,” added Sethi further.

Manav Sethi, Head of Marketing and Products, FINDIT Services Sdn Bhd, at the launch of FINDIT in Malaysia

In celebration of its launch in Malaysia, FINDIT will be running the “Where in the world is Walter Woo?” consumer contest, which begins 21 March 2015.

A fictitious Mr. Know-It-All, Walter Woo’s knowledge prowess is actually derived from the FINDIT app. Walter Woo’s presence was first felt last weekend when a group of ‘green aliens’ who are his loyal subjects invaded the streets, mamak shops, cafes, and parks in and around Kuala Lumpur in search of him. Unable to locate their knowledge master, the ‘green aliens’ have decided to give nine lucky consumers in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang a chance to win an iPhone6 128 GB.

After downloading the FINDIT app, consumers on the lookout for Walter Woo need only upload an interesting photo of him using the ‘photo contest’ function found within the FINDIT app.

Clues on Walter Woo’s location will be posted on FINDIT’s Facebook page.

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