The Hidden Jewel of Publika – Elegantology @ Publika


Situated opposite the busy courtyard, Elegantology is easily missed as from the outside as it appears to be a boutique shop (gallery). However, if you look closely, it’s also a bar and restaurant. Elegantology serves set lunch at a price of RM 30++ while dinner is usually from their ala carte menu or the choice of: Tasting – 3 course menu of a starter, main course and dessert (RM250++) and Elegantology – 4 course menu of 2 starter, main course and dessert (RM300++).


Salmon Confit 42°

Our food tasting, we had Elegantology 4 course set menu. We began our meal with appetizer – Salmon Confit 42°. The presentation of the dish was rather interesting as it represented a salad garden. With a fatty fish like salmon, surprisingly it was well marinated and prepared whereby salmon was tender and juicy, which melted in the mouth. We especially liked the good balance of fennel and lemon together with the leafy greens. There was a wonderful combination of savory salmon and sweet mandarin orange.


Next, we had Lemongrass Consomme. Clear Tom Yum as the soup base, it had the pleasant taste of lemongrass and tinge of galangal and chili note. We had sweet vegetables of the different colour zucchinis in the form of pearls and lobster ravioli. The cheeky combination of east meets west was rather a pleasant surprise to my pallet. For our main course, we selected 24 hrs Sous Cide Lamb Ribs and Soya Glazed Cod.


The lamb ribs were well marinated for 24hrs and grilled to perfection. The lamb was succulent and had a well-balanced burst of flavors. There were 3 layers of belly meat and fat, which melted in the mouth. The first bite of the lamb resembles the taste of BBQ char siew. I can’t remember having such a delightful lamb ribs experience whereby the meat effortlessly fell off the bone. The second delight was the caramelized masala onion mash potato. The potato nest holding the mash potato gave me an interesting mouth feel of different textures. Also, the mussel and lamb is a good combination.


Soya Infused Cod Fish

Soya Infused Cod Fish

From experience, cod is rich and fatty and sometimes gives an overwhelming aftertaste and needs sauces to give it a good flavor. However, this experience of cod is very different. The soya infusion methodology was effective to trap the flavor inside the of itself. In fact it’s like having soya cod without the splash of soya sauce. The balance combination of fiddlehead fern and lily bulb gave a pleasant and palatable experienced which was both flavorful and sweet. It feels like an orchestra of tunes, mixing flavors to create a pleasant and tastier piece of dish.


Deconstructed Creme Brulee

After a very delightful meal, we were served our dessert – Deconstructed Crème brulee.We enjoyed the crème bruleeas we experienced multifaceted of sweetness bursting in every spoonful we had with the good blend of fruits.


Cocktails – Martel Summit, Martel Screwdriver and Martel Sours.

What is good food without drinks? Elegantology serves a wide selection of drinks. However we suggest you give a try on their lovely cocktails – Martel Summit, Martel Screwdriver and Martel Sours.

Chef Pale

The Ingenious Chef Pele Kuah

The above delicious meals were prepared  by their own in-house Chef Pele Kuah. Chef who was given the name Pele after the famous Brazilian football star, as he was born during the year the World Cup happened in the 80’s. Chef Pele, an experienced chef who prides himself with the best combination of Asian and Western fusion. Chef does this by carefully experimenting the delights of the many Asian fresh ingredients and local spices (lemongrass, galangal, chili, etc) and with careful combination of western influence to suit local taste buds with his lovely fusion menu. In each dish served, we saw how intricate and detailed Chef Pele was with his fine touches – ensuring he brings out the best of flavors for each dish with the balance taste.

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Elegantology is located at 35, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Contact number: +603-6206 5577

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