Watching the Arts @ KLPAC – Sentul

KL is a living hub of culture. Performing arts is not alien to most of us, yet in terms of publicity, we hear so little of it. Yesterday we took a drive to KLPAC which is situated in Jalan Sentul. From KLCC, it’s roughly about 10mins drive to reach KLPAC.

The place is still very green. We saw many beautiful remains of artistic works completed by budding artists. We discovered yesterday that KLPAC has a program for beginners who are interested in acting. So for those budding artist out there interested to pursue your interest in acting, do check out Doppo’s Beginner Acting Class 1.

At the same time, there are some nice eateries at KLPAC. Bistro Richard serves western cuisine while Samira by Asian Terrace serves Thai-Vietnamese cuisine. There’s also a nice cafe inside KLPAC called Societe Cafe.


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