Wikileaks To Release Massive Leaks Affecting 50 Countries


Julian Assage has been keeping himself busy, since he’s self exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. According to Sydney Herald Morning’s articles. To mark he’s 2 years in exile. He will be releasing another massive leak of information affecting 50 countries on Thursday.

This is Huge as the last time released worldwide embassy briefings, it cause a world wide tsunami of protest and political changes. Waves of Outrages reverberate throughout regions in the world with mass inequalities.The Arab Spring in the Middle Eastern Countries, Occupy Movements in the western world and the Bersih Rally, were upstream results of the outrages. Even today we are still feeling the echo of the initial waves of unrest.

Today there’s still inequality. Stored up emotional energy being wind up like a spring waiting for the next release. It will be interesting what to watch what the waves of leaks will be. And what countries it will affect. No doubt the United States would be a prime target of the Leaks.

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