A Good Good Tale of a Taxi Savior Saint

20150611_MyTeksi_elite_drivers_programme_lavanya_linganHaving watch the @myteksi video bellow. I remember an occasion where a driver made my day. This is the tale of when I met the Taxi Savoir Saint.

Please Watch the video first.

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On a hot sunny day, I took a taxi from a meeting to the office. While climbing a sloppy flyover. The taxi started having problems and eventually stalled. Being on a slope and in the middle of nowhere. I decided to help the taxi man push start the car.

I left my laptop inside the car and we started to push. It a hot and sweaty affair. We manage to get the car up the slope and it started to go fast down slope. The taxi driver jump into the car and tried to push start the car. At this point the car was going faster than my running speed. So I was now chasing the car, and dawn on me my laptop was in the car and he could potentially drive off. Leaving my sweaty ass on the asphalt.

He tried a few times to push start the car. It kept on failing. Luckily the road join the ground level main road and there were an area where the car could stop. And thankfully he stop the car at the corner.

He apologised and told me to get another taxi.

So there I was in sweats, waiting by the road. Within 2 minutes a taxi stop and pick me up.

Stepping into the car,  I felt the wisp of cool air blasted onto my body and the Amazing Grace song was blasted onto my ears. Although I am not particularly religious. I gave him a bemused smile and could not resists greeting him with a “Hallelujah Brother”.

He drove on and took me to my destination. He had a kind demeanour to him and I enjoyed our conversation. And that was my tale of a weird hot sweaty afternoon and a saviour from a hot day.

Anyways, I’m really glad that myteksi is taking the effort to appreciate this heroes. Without which, our societies will not be able to function so well. They are a useful cog in our society’s engine.

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