Bone & Pot’s New Collagen Soup: The Tasty Choice to Health and Beauty

06The Bone & Pot delicacy consists of three important elements which are quality broth, fresh ingredients, and irresistibly delicious dipping sauces. Bone & Pot is expanding their menu to include “Collagen Soup”, a tasty choice to health and beauty. The secret ingredient is the collagen jelly, derived from deep sea marine sources imported fresh from Japan.

_DSC2934Bone & Pot’s signature steamboat is famed for its Hong Kong origins and concept. The restaurant’s Chinese name – *有骨气* (Yau Guat Hei) resembles bountiful prosperity, as their delicious broth base is made of quality bones for that original taste you crave for. Bone & Pot was established in Malaysia since November of 2009 and now it has a total of nine branches serving its delicious delicacies nationwide.
collagen_soup_poster_FA_OLBone & Pot is now expanding their menu to include “Collagen Soup”, a tasty choice to health and beauty. The secret ingredient is the collagen jelly, derived from deep sea marine sources, imported fresh from Japan. A cube of milky, white collagen jelly is added into the soup while the soup cooks and the milky collagen jelly melts instantly giving the soup a white, thick, creamy texture and a sweet taste. In addition, with the pork bone soup base boiled to perfection with generous amounts of healthy and nutritious ingredients, you will fall deeper and deeper in love with the Collagen Soup with every satisfying slurp.

The Bones Steamboat 10.10Collagen is an important constituent material within our body’s skin, bone, cartilage, and blood. Collagen plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin, tissue, morphology and structure of an organ and it can even help to repair damaged tissue. In addition, collagen is said to have brightening, firming, moisturizing, nourishing and also anti-aging effects on skin. So, when you consume a bowl Collagen Soup, you not only enjoy its great taste, but also all its beneficial qualities.
PB4_v2Try Bone & Pot’s latest Collagen Soup today at only RM22. Daily supply of soup is limited and oneday advanced booking is required at any Bone & Pot branches. For more information, log on to


CL200174有骨气的招牌火锅料理是来源自香港的概念 。 该餐厅的名字有“ 有骨气” ( Yau Guat Hei)包含着丰富及繁荣的含义,来表现出让人垂 沿三尺的美味的肉汤 。有骨气于 2009 年在马来西亚设立第一间餐厅,至今已有 9 间连锁分行。有骨气正在介绍更多的美食,当中包括 “美人汤” 当中包括能够让你吃出美丽与自信的火锅料理。
collagen soup_ Bunting_option01_FA_OL

今天就到有骨气品尝最新的美人汤仅为 RM22。 各个有骨气分行的每日例汤供给有限,建议一天前预约。鱼知更多详情,请游览: 

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