Kompassion – Thai Fusion

Love Thai food? Then you should try Thai Fusion! There’s a lovely but simple, modern and cozy place in Damansara Kim which serves delicious, really mouth-watering and appetizing meals. The main crowd who visits this restaurant is mainly the younger generation ranging from 20’s to late 30’s. This restaurant serves pork which is absolutely delicious and very well prepared.

For starters, we had pork satay, chicken wing, Double Cooked Pork Belly with Soft Shell Crab with Cucumber Salad, Crispy Smoked Duck with Pomelo Salad and Smoked Salmon and beansprout salad. The salads are unique and very different from any Thai Salad I’ve ever had before. My two favorite salads from them are Double Cooked Pork Belly with Soft Shell Crab with Cucumber Salad and Crispy Smoked Duck with Pomelo Salad. The smoked duck salad was a real surprised as the meat was tender and juicy and it melts inside your mouth as you eat. While the pork belly and soft shell crab salad had interesting sauce which made the salad more flavorful at every bite.kompassion4
Moving to the main course, the green curry crispy pork and red curry pork ribs were very unique. The green curry had aromatic and balance taste of coconut milk and tasted even better with the crispy pork rather than the usual chicken or beef flavor. While the red curry had a sweetish taste and went very well with pork as well. The Tom Yum was nice, though personally felt it was lacking a tad of lemongrass. The steam cod fish was also very delicious as the fish was fresh and well steamed. The sauce was rather unique as it had a light sweet and sour taste to it.kompassion11kompassion12
Last but not least, my favorite part was the dessert. We had two very delicious desserts to end the meal. Creamy Coconut Gelato – jackfruit, Red Ruby & Basil Seed toppings and Tako – Thai Pudding with coconut milk topping. Both desserts were very good and a must try when you visit.kompassion2
Kompassion is not wrong or creative spelling of the word ‘compassion’, rather, Kom

is one of the partners and also head chef who has the passion to cook. Just a tip though… it is best you make reservation before you go in order to avoid disappointments.


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