Two winners walk away with RM5K house party package

8 radler partyWouldn’t it be nice if you threw a year-end party but someone else picked up the tab? That is exactly what Tiger Radler will be doing for two loyal fans sometime in the next three months. Both Tiger Radler fans won a RM5,000 house party package at the pop-up party held at Pullman, Bangsar last Saturday (20 December).

1 radler partyThe first winner was selected from Tiger Radler’s #WhatsRefreshing contest. The month-long campaign which began late October, brought together the creativity of aspiring local talents through a photo/video contest. The idea, which calls for submissions of what is deemed refreshing, was developed by local photographer and filmmaker Melissa Toh. The final video made up of submissions was edited by Toh and screened at the Pop-up Party. Following that, the guest who Instagrammed the most refreshing Radler moment at the Pop-up Party, became the second winner of the sponsored house party.

2 radler partyTai See Wai, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer said: “Refreshing beers, great company, good times are all elements that make an unforgettable party. And it’s even better when everything is provided for you. Therefore, Tiger Radler has decided to throw two loyal fans a house party worth RM5,000 each. Whenever you have a celebration, you can count on Tiger Radler to make it memorable.”

3 radler partySimilarly, guests were treated to a Radler occasion at the exclusive Aquabeats pool party filled with activities like “water gun warfare” and “chicken fight” as they mingled with like-minded people over a couple of Tiger Radlers. Local acts DJ Def and Ashes and Oak Trees provided the entertainment for the evening.

Stay tuned for the next refreshing experience with Tiger Radler. For more information, log on to


4 radler party在年终举行派对大事庆祝,而由他人为你付账,不是很棒吗?这正是Tiger Radler将会在未来三个月内会为两位忠实粉丝所做的。这两位Tiger Radler粉丝参加上周六(12月20日)在孟沙Pullman 举行的Pop-up 派对时,每人赢取了价值 RM 5,000的居家派对。

首位获奖者来自Tiger Radler的#WhatsRefreshing大赛。这个始于十月下旬为期一个月的活动,旨在通过照片/视频大赛,汇聚本地人才的无比创造力。这个构思出自本地摄影师和电影制作人Melissa Toh,要求参加者提交他们觉得令人耳目一新事物的映像。Melissa Toh亲自将这些映像编辑成短片,并在Pop-up 派对上播放。随后,在派对期间通过Instagram上传最多令人耳目一新画面的嘉宾,成为了当晚第二位居家派对好礼的得奖者。

5 radler partyTiger Beer 市场经理戴士伟说::“怡神啤酒、同伴好友、美好时光,是一个难忘派对必不可缺的元素。更妙的是,你完全不用为派对作任何准备。Tiger Radler为两位忠实饮家带来每份价值RM 5,000的居家派对好礼。事实上,有Tiger Radler,任何庆祝活动肯定叫人难忘。 ”

6 radler party此外,派对来宾也全情投入Radler 时光,参与别开生面的Aquabeats 池畔派对。“Water gun warfare” 和 “chicken fight”等游戏,让他们玩得不亦乐乎。大家一杯Tiger Radler在手,现场气氛愉快融洽。本地DJ Def 以及艺人组合 Ashes and Oak Trees整个晚上为来宾们带来精彩演出。

7  radler party敬请期待与Tiger Radler下一个叫人耳目一新的体验。欲知详情,请登录

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