Videos from the TuneHotels@KLIA2 Pyjamas #RoomerHasIt Party

Elizabeth Tan Sings at the #RoomerHasIt Tune Hotel@KLIA2

Elizabeth Tan Sings at the #RoomerHasIt Tune Hotel@KLIA2

Here are some videos we recorded from the party. The #RoomerHasIt Party was held in TuneHotels@KLIA2. With Stars like Melissa Indot, Elizabeth Tan, DJ Faith perforiming. Adrian Jalaluddin MCed the event.

We will be posting about the party later. But before that, here are the videos.
The delightful Elizabeth Tan sings Frank Sinatra – Just The Way You Look Tonight

The delightful  Elizabeth Tan Sings Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon

The delightful  Elizabeth Tan – Medley of Avicii – Wake Me Up, Imagine Dragons- Demons, OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Melissa Indot live from TuneHotel@KLIA

Tour of the tunehotel@KLIA2 launch party

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