Let undiscovered musicians be heard

The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows

Asia is filled with creative potential, but is the world hearing our music?

It is with this notion that Tiger Jams – Tiger Beer’s latest music and arts initiative – launched a platform to provide undiscovered Asian artists a launch pad for them to uncage their talents onto the world stage. It also champions the collaboration between emerging artistes from the music and visual community to foster emerging talent. The website, www.tigerjams.com, will house their portfolios, and will also serve as a voting portal for fans to show their support.

Tiger Beer Global Brand Director Mie-Leng Wong says, “We believe that music can transcend cultural boundaries and serve as a common language for the people of Asia. However, we also know that music from Asia is currently under represented. Therefore, we hope to address this through Tiger Jams to uncage the incredible audio-visual talents in our region. It’s time the world sits up and pay attention to Asia – the next music and creative powerhouse.”

Interested budding musicians should send in their entries to www.tigerjams.com by midnight, 5 June. All submissions would be considered and shortlisted to 10 by a panel of veterans from the music industry. The curators are Universal Singapore & Malaysia Marketing Director Lim Teck Kheng, Warner Music Singapore & Malaysia Managing Director Darren Choy, Galaxy Group Marketing Director Bonor, Soundscapes Founder Mak Wai Hoo, established home grown Mandopop duo, ThomasJack, Star2 Deputy Editor / Twilight Actiongirl DJ Daryl Goh and An Honest Mistake lead vocalist Darren Teh.

Darren Ashley

Darren Ashley

The selected 10 would then be narrowed down to three by fan votes on the website. The selected three Malaysian acts will be awarded RM15,000 each to fund their musical ambitions, and paired with acclaimed Asian acts: Singaporean pop band The Sam Willows, Hong Kong’s punk pop band ToNick or Malaysia’s very own Darren Ashley, to produce an original Tiger Jams song and music video each. From there, one of the three would be handpicked by a mystery renowned international artist for collaboration.

Tiger Beer marketing manager Jessie Chuah says: “An artist’s popularity is as good as its fan base. So if they were never discovered, the music they make would never be heard. Playlists all over the world would certainly sound a lot more different.’

“Unknown talents need an opportunity to be heard and for that chance where their music speaks to someone in a way popular bands do. With this new platform, we hope to provide them the opening they need for their sound to reach more people and make fans out of them. It’s time to discover the many undiscovered Asians artists out there,” she said.



Electro pop music composer Ashley, whose humble beginnings include busking on the streets, said, “to collaborate musically really puts each individual musician in a new setting,” and that “each time they step into someone’s musical world, new things or new possibilities are bound to be discovered”.

Tiger Jams sets out to be an epic jam session to celebrate the sights and sounds from the streets of Asia. It aspires to bring the freshest talent together in celebration of the pursuit of music and art. Join the journey and show your support in uncaging new talents by visiting www.tigerjams.com.

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