Good Good Lunch at Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken Rice @ Ipoh

On the way to Penang we stop by Ipoh to savour the famous chicken rice at ‘Wai Sek Kai’ (literally means Greedy for food Street).

Ong Kee Taugeh chicken Rice Shop Front

Ong Kee Taugeh chicken Rice Shop Front

We found the shop opposite the really popular Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken rice shop. However we read on the internet the locals favors Onn Kee. So we decided to give it a try.

One thing that bothers me, was that there was a parking tout going around extorting money from people who parked their cars nearby on public road car park. He asked for $3, which I felt was too expensive and haggled it down to $2.IMG_20140517_131002


Juicy Char Siew


Tasty looking chicken being hang


We ordered 3 person portion of chicken meat. with 1 rice and 2 hor funs. The chicken was perfectly cook and dress with a generous amount of soy sauce and oil. It was delicious and juicy. I would think it’s one of the better chicken rice chicken I have eaten in awhile. A must to order together with the chicken is the bean sprouts which were fat and crunchy.


Juicy and tasty chicken meat




The Horfun soup was very tasty. The prawn flavour in the soup was rich and the spring onion was freshly cut and generous.



The rice was a little disappointing. As part of the chicken rice experience, it’s to eat it with Oil rice. We were at the outlet close to 1pm and the outlet failed to serve it claiming it was not ready yet (??!?!). It’s like selling you a Mercedes with a 1.0 cc engine.


white rice


cili padi

Strangely they didn’t provide the  typical chicken rice chilly sauce. Which again is an important part of the dish. However, I found that this chilli and with soy sauce was good enough to add more taste to the dish.

Overall the chicken meat was done really well I would recommend trying out Onn Kee’s Chicken rice. I just hope my readers will be able to order the Oil Rice. The price was reasonable at $28 for 3 person portion of 1/2 chicken, taugeh. rice and horfun.

I rate this place 4/5 for food.

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