Photo 1 (2)For lucky Carlsberg consumers, 2015 is proving to be a lucrative start as seven potential millionaires sailed smoothly into an unexpected windfall of cash prizes worth RM13,888 each thanks to the brand’s Chinese New Year promotion.

This definitely marks a smooth start to the Year of the Sheep for the seven finalists as they now gear up to compete against 31 other ‘Carlsberg Millionaire’ hopefuls to take home RM1 million in cash come March.

Among the seven was Chooi Siew Pan, 39, hailing from Perak, who said, “I have been a supporter of the brand in Malaysia for over 10 years and that’s why I am grateful to Carlsberg for giving me a smooth beginning to the year with this cash prize! Carlsberg is always a part of every gathering with my friends and this has really helped us develop a strong bond. For sure, I am sharing this special ang pow and good fortune with them.”

Lee Yong Keong, 43, a Selangor resident, said, “What’s most important for me is for my business to run smoothly and generate as much income as possible! To have won the RM13,888 cash prize means I can definitely look forward to better times in the Year of the Sheep, which will be even greater if I end up winning the one million Ringgit!”


Thirty-seven-year-old Tan Kim Guan from Malacca also has hopes for a smoother year ahead. He said, “I won this when I was out with friends and I was very surprised to receive such good luck! For me, a good lunar year would be for my friends and family to enjoy a healthier life and for myself to have more than sufficient earnings. This cash prize will be shared with them all and I plan to also give back to charity.”

Wong See Min, 40, also from Perak, said, “I have been a Carlsberg supporter for as long as I can remember and this is my second time winning great prizes. Previously, I also participated in Carlsberg’s ‘Are You Fan Enough?’ contest which won me a trip to Europe to catch the semi-finals of the Euro 2012! I seem to get lucky when drinking Carlsberg and hopefully this time round Carlsberg will give me a smooth year by making me its first millionaire!”

Other winners who also received the windfall of RM13,888 from Carlsberg are Chua Boon Siang, 39, Lee Hin Hee, 43, and See Seng Hong, 64.

Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, Henrik Juel Andersen, said, “With the Lunar New Year quickly approaching, Carlsberg Malaysia is encouraging our consumers to put 2014 behind them to embrace new beginnings and fresh opportunities in keeping with our message for 2015, Smooth sailing in a year of abundance. We are giving our consumers an especially auspicious start to 2015 as finalists in our consumer promotion will each receive ang pows worth RM13,888 and one will take home one million Ringgit, as reward for enjoying some of Carlsberg Malaysia’s best loved brews this festive season.”

Until February 28, 2015, consumers who enjoy any large bottle of Carlsberg, Asahi Super Dry or Royal Stout at participating restaurants, food courts, hawker centres and coffee shops just need to look out for the Chinese character for ‘Smooth’ (順) on their bottle caps in order to be in the running to win a RM13,888 cash prize. Alternatively, consumers who purchase a 24-can Carlsberg Festive Pack from participating supermarkets and hypermarkets simply need to check for the congratulatory message printed at the base of the tray to discover if they will be walking away with RM13,888 in cash and a chance at the Grand Prize. Consumers who purchase a 24-can Carlsberg Festive Pack also stand to win shopping vouchers worth RM200 to kick start a prosperous lunar new year.

All 38 winners of the RM13,888 cash prize will attend a special celebratory event in Klang Valley to find out who amongst them will become the first ever Carlsberg Millionaire and receive the Grand Prize of RM1,000,000 in cash and sail smoothly into the new lunar year with Carlsberg.

For more information on the Carlsberg Millionaire Contest and other festive activities lined up, visit www.carlsberg-cny.com.my or www.facebook.com/CarlsbergMY.

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得奖者之一的蔡少彬,39岁,来自霹雳,他表示:“ 我成为Carlsberg的忠实支持者已经有超过10年的时间,因此我很感激Carlsberg送我现金奖,让我顺利轻松地开启这新的一年。Carlsberg经常成为我和朋友之间聚会的良伴,促进我们之间的情谊。因此,我当然要把这份特别的红包及好运与朋友分享!”



黄思明, 40岁,来自霹雳,他说:“在我印象中,我一直都是Carlsberg的支持者,而且这也是我第二次获得Carlsberg送出的大奖。之前我参加一项有奖竞赛还赢得飞往乌克兰现场观看欧锦赛半决赛的大奖!看来我每次喝了Carlsberg都很幸运,希望这一次Carlsberg也赐福予我,让我赢取1百万令吉,度过顺风顺水的一年。”

其他获得Carlsberg送出的1万3888令吉的得奖者包括徐成鸿, 64岁、李兴喜, 43岁及蔡文祥, 39岁。


截至2015年2月28日,顾客只需要在参与促销的餐厅、美食广场、小贩中心及咖啡店享用大瓶装Carlsberg、Asahi Super Dry或Royal Stout,查寻并获得底部印有“順”字的瓶盖,即可成为奖金得主之一,赢得1万3888 令吉现金奖!此外,到参与促销的超级市场及霸级市场购买24罐佳节包装Carlsberg啤酒的饮家,凡在各自的包装底部寻获相关贺词同样可把1万3888令吉现金奖带回家,同时获得赢取现金巨奖的机会。购买24罐佳节包装Carlsberg啤酒的顾客也将获赠价值200令吉的购物礼券,开启新的一年。



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