RoofTop Surprise at the Tiger Bites Finale

Yam CakeWay up on a roof in the heart of town came an extraordinary congregation of street food masterchefs for the conclusion of Tiger Bites.

A scrumptious spread of popular Malaysian hawker food were dished out at the al fresco dining festival that saw the rooftop of Avenue K transformed to resemble popular street food markets of Kuala Lumpur. Specially created Tiger Beer cocktails — Roaring Passion and Bite Me, Cherry — were handed out to welcome foodies, who were in for a treat and spoilt for choice as they indulged in the wide array of yummy nom noms and ice cold Tiger Beer while taking in the rugged contours of Kuala Lumpur’s city skyline.

What's street food without Hokkien mee.

Exciting activities such as ‘Go Nuts for Nuts’ and ‘Get Your Balls Straight’ kept the guests entertained, while a cosy ‘Chill lah’ area was made available for the convenience of foodies to kick back and relax.

“At the start of this campaign, we sent out fellow foodies on a quest for lesser known street food gems and I am happy to say that the reception was amazing. We’ve uncovered some great finds. It goes to show Malaysians love uncaging new things and sharing their discoveries with fellow food lovers out there.

Tiger Bites 4“As the campaign comes full circle, we decided what better to celebrate the success of Tiger Bites than to host a celebration with some of the best hawker food there is in town. It’s also put together in recognition of the efforts by the many food lovers and explorers that have made this initiative a success,” said Tiger Beer marketing manager Jessie Chuah at the event.

Back in August, Tiger Bites challenged foodies to a gastronomical hunt around Malaysia to uncage hidden street flavours. Embarking on roads less travelled, food lovers traversed the country in search for rare but yummy hawker nom noms, pinning their discoveries on Tiger Beer’s microsite for others to explore.

Tiger Bites 3Prizes such as 18 sets of GoPros, phone lenses and selfie tripods were rewarded to participants of this 11 week long contest. The participant who put together the best street food trail (which combines the most number of pins dropped and total distance travelled) was identified and awarded with an all-expenses paid trip for two to Taiwan where more great meals await.

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Tiger Bites 2露天草原的街头风味美食

Tiger Bites 举办大型美食节


吉隆坡,2015年11月7日 –  Tiger Bites 在市中心一家购物广场的露天草原,引爆终极街头美食飨宴,让街头美食大师一显非凡厨艺。

户外美食节在 Avenue K 购物广场顶楼上举行,现场尽是令人垂涎的大马地道街头美食,热闹景况媲美吉隆坡最受欢迎的美食街。现场更有名为Roaring Passion 和 Bite Me Cherry的特色 Tiger Beer 鸡尾酒,盛情款待美食爱好者。多不胜数的非一般街头美食,让出席美食节的来宾大快朵颐。此外,来宾们一边畅饮冰冻 Tiger Beer,一边欣赏吉隆坡的美丽夜景。

Tiger Bites 1大型美食节还备有许多精彩有趣的活动,例如“筷子夹花生游戏”、“鱼丸游戏”等等。而特设的Chill –Lah  休闲区更可让参加者稍事休息,在充电后继续享受欢乐时光。

Tiger Beer 营销经理 Jessie Chuah 表示:“美食大搜寻活动期间,美食探险家全力以赴在全国各地发掘许多不为人知的地道风味美食。这次活动的收获实在太棒了。我们发现了不少令人惊喜的美食。尽显大马人喜欢探险发现新事物的本色,同时乐于与其他美食爱好者分享

Surprise of the night - Two lok lok trucks made their appearance in time for supper.“在美食大搜寻进入尾声之际,我们决定举办一项别开生面的活动,呈献城内最佳的街头美食,为 Tiger Bites 街头美食大搜寻划上圆满句点。此外,我们也借此表扬许多美食爱好者及美食探险家为这次活动所付出的努力与贡献,让活动得以成功举行。

Tiger Beer在这个八月推出美食大搜寻活动,号召美食爱好者发掘全国不为人知的地道风味美食!美食爱好者将通过此美食大搜寻竞赛,齐齐揭示全马各地街头巷尾的非一般美食,并积极在Tiger Beer 的微型网站置放标记指引路线,分享所发掘的街头美食。

Singer Talitha Tan在为期11周的竞赛期间,优胜者获得丰富奖品包括 GoPros、手机镜片、自拍三脚架等。成功创制最佳街头美食路线图(结合最多标记数目和最长美食搜寻距离)的优胜者,则获得费用全免的双人台湾美食之旅,尽情享用更多令人垂涎的台湾街头美食。

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