Slurping Kimchi Soup at Daebak Dakgalbi @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

Kimchi Soup

Kimchi Soup

One hot sunny day, bored with work and the heat, I had cravings for some Kimchi soup. I consulted my trusty food adviser, MR foursquare in search for Korean Restaurants in the PJ vicinity. There were quite a number of Korean Restaurants in Kota Damansara, so I embarked on my quest for Korean. Korean food…A cuisine of traditions. A tradition of winters. A tradition of food storage. A tradition of fermentations.


The Signage

The Restaurant was called Daebak Dakgalbi. The restaurant is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. The place was beautifully decorated… from K-pop star posters on the ceilings, to Korean artwork and wallpapers decorating every corner. You can tell the owners of the establishment had put their soul into the place. From table placement to eating tools, there was clear sign to details spotted everywhere. Despite the heat on that day, the temperature was adequately cool in doors, a nice place to chill out.

The Kimchi soup was adequately nice. It was too sour for my taste and the body of the soup didn’t have any extra ommph to sparkle my taste buds. But then again, I have not had many experience with Kimchi soup to form an informed opinion. The side dish was interesting. While the kimchi cabbage was fully traditional, the fried mushroom and macaroni gave it a fusion touch of western influence. I liked the fusion side dish. It added a non typical taste to a typical Korean dish.

My ratings of this place are food: 3/5 while ambience a score of 4/5.

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