Chase Career, or Change Diapers?


Patients who shared their story during the panel urge other men and women to undergo fertility screening for better chances of having a baby, whether they are single, attached or married; or whether they are planning to have a baby now or later on. L-R: Patient Fatemeh Jalilvand with baby boy Amir Arsalan and husband Saiful Zamri (behind), Patient Laavanya Gopal Krishna with baby girl Keshannaa and husband M. Kumara Guru (behind).

In Malaysia, 1 in 6 couples are estimated to have fertility issues.

This is largely connected with the changing demographics for Malaysian couples.  Women are getting married later in life, and often pursuing careers to provide financial security before having children.  This is leading to an increasing number of couples struggling to conceive when they do want to start a family. Continue reading

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