Premier League’s Premium Beer Kicks-off Ultimate Fan Experience

Photo 2  The Barclays Premier League is finally back with Carlsberg as the official beer sponsor for the next three years! Malaysian football fans shall wait no more but fill their weekends with all the thrills, spills and drama that the football championship has to offer. And what better way to enjoy BPL than with a cold Carlsberg in hand? Known for its passion and long-established association with football, Carlsberg recently launched an integrated BPL 2013/2014 consumer campaign that brings the BPL action from the UK to Malaysia, while at the same time allowing Malaysian fans to experience BPL VIP-style hospitality in the UK. Passionate football and Carlsberg fans will have much to look forward to as the official beer goes all out to elevate the engagement and excitement around BPL to the max! To kick start the first phase of the campaign, Carlsberg rewards its consumers with limited edition Carlsberg BPL football merchandise at various outlets, eateries, pubs, bars and super/hypermarkets nationwide. Carlsberg brand ambassadors will make appearances at participating eateries to conduct the Carlsberg BPL Spin & Win contest.  Each spin, based on purchase, offers the opportunity for the consumer to take home limited edition BPL merchandise including jerseys, lighters, umbrellas and more. That’s not all. Carlsberg, being the beer of choice when it comes to football, is sending avid football fans to experience all-expenses-paid trips to the UK to watch live Premier League matches of their choice. Being the official beer of BPL, Carlsberg has access to all 20 football club stadiums. Imagine being picked up by a friendly Carlsberg brand ambassador at the airport, chauffeured to a trendy hotel and served a meal fit for a football legend, and get pampered like a VIP for a 3D2N stay in the UK.  You will visit one of the iconic football stadiums and get access to the private Carlsberg VIP Hospitality Lounge where you will not only watch a football match in style but, if luck is on your side, also have the opportunity to meet your favourite football player or a living legend over a Carlsberg! Carlsberg can turn your dream into reality. As the one and only premier beer of the Premier League, Carlsberg is offering trips with special VIP privileges and a money-can’t-buy football experience. One way to win the trip is to participate in the ‘Price for Passion’ Facebook contest that challenges football fans to prove how far they would go to score this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even if you don’t score the trip, authentic BPL merchandise including signed jerseys by a football star of one’s choice are also up for grabs. Be bold and visit to pledge your “price”.  In addition, you can also try to win this ultimate experience via exclusive contests in selected newspapers. Do check out the football column of your local dailies!  Photo 3 “Carlsberg’s BPL campaign is bringing Malaysians a first-of-its-kind ultimate Premier League experience that is unlike any other in town. Being the official beer, Carlsberg has the rights, access and network in rewarding our consumers via a nine-month long consumer and fan engagement campaign,” Carlsberg Malaysia Managing Director Henrik Andersen explained. Photo 1 Andersen added that football and beer go hand in hand and Carlsberg is the only beer brand worldwide that has enjoyed such a long and illustrious heritage in the sport. “Together with our consumers, we celebrate our latest milestone as official beer of the BPL, in addition to our other international football sponsorships such as official beer in UEFA EURO Championship, official beer for Liverpool FC for 21 consecutive years, official beer of Arsenal FC and Team England.” Carlsberg will also be holding football viewing parties at selected locations nationwide throughout the season. At these viewing parties, football fans will not only get to enjoy the clash of top clubs in high definition but will also have the opportunity to win more BPL collectibles. Photo 4 The launch of the Carlsberg BPL consumer campaign was held in a classic English pub setting of the COBRA Club that was given a touch of BPL hospitality. The pub was given a makeover with iconic elements found in the VIP hospitality lounge of some of the top flight Premier League Clubs. These include a replica of the Liverpool Legends mural created by renowned Japanese graffiti artist, Dragon 76, and the long bar in the Carlsberg Lounge at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club. In addition, there is also an Arsenal wall showcasing the illustrious history of the Gunners. A part of the pub was also turned into a BPL gallery, complete with authentic BPL paraphernalia. For more information on Carlsberg’s BPL viewing parties and other activities, visit  

Drink, celebrate and cheers to the winning horse!

DSC02457 (Medium)

On 4th August, Carlsberg officially launched an exclusive dining and lounge, HEST at Selangor Turf Club. Known as the first and only racetrack bar in Kuala Lumpur, the HEST aims to redefine premium dining and leisure for the younger generation to enjoy while having fun with horse racing sports.

DSC03279 (Medium)

Located at Level 1, beside the concourse area, the HEST presents a unique dining adventure overlooking the 2,000 meters of the picturesque turf. With seating capacity of 250 people, the HEST offers a spectacular view of the races as racing fans can enjoy the High Definition LED screens fitted in this restaurant.  In addition, racing fans in their comfort can place their bets within an easy reach.

DSC02487 (Medium)DSC02606 (Medium)

If you have never watch horse racing before, a visit to the HEST will definitely expose you to the world of horse racing including the thrills and spills it has got to offer. The invited guests of 260 people that attended the opening had a wonderful afternoon cheering for their favourite horses as they cross the finishing line. What could be more fun than celebrating the win while having a good time with a cool glass of Carlsberg beer.

DSC03722 (Medium)DSC03537 (Medium)  DSC03773 (Medium)

HEST, (pronounced “Hist”) is a Danish word for Horse, and was chosen to reflect the strong partnership between the Selangor Turf Club and Carlsberg Malaysia. Since the introduction of Carlsberg Cup Challenge in 2012,  Carlsberg beer, the country’s most preferred beer brand, has successfully embraced the heart of horse racing fans and widely sampled by spectators of SLTC, be it at the VIP Lounge or at other refreshments areas.

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Great Grilled Tomato And Avocado Sandwich

Great Grilled Tomato And Avocado Sandwich</p>
<p>Forget grilled cheese, Great Grilled Tomato and Avocado Sandwich is what everyone will love! Filling and yummy, it couldn’t be easier to satisfy your hunger.</p>
<p>Equipment:<br />
Frying pan</p>
<p>Ingredients:<br />
Plant based butter: as needed<br />
Bread: 2 slices<br />
Avocado (mashed): 1/3<br />
Fresh basil leaves: as desired<br />
Roma tomato, sliced 1/4″ thick: 1<br />
Pepper: as desired</p>
<p>Directions:<br />
Allow pan to preheat while preparing the sandwich.<br />
Cover each side of the bread with plant based butter and spread the avocado over the inside of each slice.<br />
Place tomato slices and optional ingredients over the avocado.<br />
Allow each side of the sandwich to cook until golden brown.</p>
<p>Served by itself, or with a soup, this sandwich is a healthy meal!</p>
<p>Veganism Is The Future & @[606298092723478:274:The V Legion] & @[199353960189473:274:Green Unity For Nature And Animal Liberation]

Forget grilled cheese, Great Grilled Tomato and Avocado Sandwich is what everyone will love! Filling and yummy, it couldn’t be easier to satisfy your hunger.

Frying pan

Plant based butter: as needed
Bread: 2 slices
Avocado (mashed): 1/3
Fresh basil leaves: as desired
Roma tomato, sliced 1/4″ thick: 1
Pepper: as desired

Allow pan to preheat while preparing the sandwich.
Cover each side of the bread with plant based butter and spread the avocado over the inside of each slice.
Place tomato slices and optional ingredients over the avocado.
Allow each side of the sandwich to cook until golden brown.

Served by itself, or with a soup, this sandwich is a healthy meal!

Introducing the Arthurs Days 2013 Party

Arthur's Day Launch 7678

Arthur's Day Launch 8312

Arthur’s Day Launch

Arthur’s Dayis back and is set to be bigger, better and certainly bolder! This year, the global celebration returns to Malaysian shores with 3 bold international acts who are set to rock the main stage on 27th September 2013. This Arthur’s Day is the 5th annual global celebration ‘To Arthur’ which will be held at the Sepang International Circuit, Welcome Centre.


The international Artists are Five For Fighting, The American Rejects and The Wanted.

The GG-Team will be looking forward to a fun filled concert event this September 27th 2013 at Sepang. Our favourites are Five For Fighitng and The American Rejects. We are really looking forward to the fresh and tasty Guinness. Seems to us, the brew is always tastier and fresher at events like this.

 Arthur's Day Launch 8057  Arthur's Day Launch 8331 Arthur's Day Launch 8454

Good Good Pool Party with Corona


Corona Beach Party Series 2013 4

The G-Team went over to The Pool @ Ampang, courtesy of Corona to Catch 1 leg of the Corona BeachParty Series 2013.

It was a fun filled evening. The G-Team was well fed and well hydrated with Corona through out the session with the babelicious Host Stephanie Lim keeping us entertain with her anctics.

After its successful party on 13 July 2013 at Luna Bar, KL, the Corona Beach Party Series for 2013 continues to bring out the ultimate beach escapade to fellow fans. Taking place at The Pool, Ampang, strings of pulsating activities kept consumers and fans occupied and entertained all night with games, the Hot Body Contest and exhilarating live DJ-ing.

In conjunction with its worldwide campaign of ‘Let the world wait’, Corona is rallying for beer lovers to live more refreshing meaningful moments. Spread throughout the year, the Corona Sunset Beach Parties will be taking up residents around the best bars in town promising non-stop action. With 5-hours of exciting activities in place from start to finish, guests can expect waves of stimulating fun that will leave everyone on a high.

Overall we had a good time. And we went home with the attitude that the world can wait.  Then we woke up and Monday happen. So that was kind of fun.

Anyway, chill out with friends and enliven a taste of relaxation at the next Corona Beach Party at Mai Bar at the Roof, Aloft KL on 14 September. For more sun, sand and sea info, check out Beach Party Series 2013 1 Corona Beach Party Series 2013 2 Corona Beach Party Series 2013 3

Important Information About Vitamin D!

Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis,   depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer,and even effects diabetes and obesity.Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition. That’s probably because it’s free: your body makes it when sunlight touches your skin.

Fifteen facts that are important to know about vitamin D and sunlight exposure:


1. Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight.

2. The healing rays of natural sunlight (that generate vitamin D in your skin) cannot penetrate glass. So you don’t generate vitamin D when sitting in your car or home.

3. It is nearly impossible to get adequate amounts of vitamin D from your diet. Sunlight exposure is the only reliable way to generate vitamin D in your own body.

4. A person would have to drink ten tall glasses of vitamin D fortified milk each day just to get minimum levels of vitamin D into their diet.

5. The further you live from the equator, the longer exposure you need to the sun in order to generate vitamin D. Canada, the UK and most U.S. States are far from the equator.

6. People with dark skin pigmentation may need 20 – 30 times as much exposure to sunlight as fair-skinned people to generate the same amount of vitamin D. That’s why prostate cancer is epidemic among black men – it’s a simple, but widespread, sunlight deficiency.

7. Sufficient levels of vitamin D are crucial for calcium absorption in your intestines. Without sufficient vitamin D, your body cannot absorb calcium,rendering calcium supplements useless.

8. Chronic vitamin D deficiency cannot be reversed overnight: it takes months of vitamin D supplementation and sunlight exposure to rebuild the body’s bones and nervous system.

9. Even weak sunscreens (SPF=8) block your body’s ability to generate vitamin D by 95%. This is how sunscreen products actually cause disease -by creating a critical vitamin deficiency in the body.

10. It is impossible to generate too much vitamin D in your body from sunlight exposure: your body will self-regulate and only generate what it needs.

11. If it hurts to press firmly on your sternum, you may be suffering from chronic vitamin D deficiency right now.

12. Vitamin D is “activated” in your body by your kidneys and liver before it can be used.

13. Having kidney disease or liver damage can greatly impair your body’s ability to activate circulating vitamin D.

14. The sunscreen industry doesn’t want you to know that your body actually needs sunlight exposure because that realization would mean lower sales of sunscreen products.

15. Even though vitamin D is one of the most powerful healing chemicals in your body, your body makes it absolutely free. No prescription required.


On the issue of sunlight exposure, by the way, it turns out that super antioxidants greatly boost your body’s ability to handle sunlight without burning. Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful “internal sunscreens” and can allow you to stay under the sun twice as long without burning.

Other powerful antioxidants with this ability include the super fruits like Acai, Pomegranates (POM Wonderful juice), blueberries, etc.


Diseases and conditions cause by vitamin D deficiency:


* Osteoporosis is commonly caused by a lack of vitamin D, which greatly impairs calcium absorption.

Sufficient vitamin D prevents prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, depression, colon cancer and schizophrenia.

“Rickets” is the name of a bone-wasting disease caused by vitamin D deficiency.

* Vitamin D deficiency may exacerbate type 2 diabetes and impair insulin production in the pancreas.

* Obesity impairs vitamin D utilization in the body, meaning obese people need twice as much vitamin D.

* Vitamin D is used around the world to treat Psoriasis.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause schizophrenia.

* Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by a melatonin imbalance initiated by lack of exposure to sunlight.

Chronic vitamin D deficiency is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia because its symptoms are so similar: muscle weakness, aches and pains.

* Your risk of developing serious diseases like diabetes and cancer is reduced 50% – 80% through simple, sensible exposure to natural sunlight 2-3 times each week.

* Infants who receive vitamin D supplementation (2000 units daily) have an 80% reduced risk of developing type 1 diabetes over the next twenty years.



Shocking Vitamin D deficiency statistics:


* 32% of doctors and med school students are vitamin D deficient.

40% of the U.S. population is vitamin D deficient.

42% of African American women of childbearing age are deficient in vitamin D.

* 48% of young girls (9-11 years old) are vitamin D deficient.

* Up to 60% of all hospital patients are vitamin D deficient.

* 76% of pregnant mothers are severely vitamin D deficient, causing widespread vitamin D deficiencies in their unborn children, which predisposes them to type 1 diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia later in life. 81% of the children born to these mothers were deficient.

* Up to 80% of nursing home patients are vitamin D deficient.