The launch of Carlsberg Probably The Best Party

Guests and media had a first-hand experience of “Probably The Best Party” held at The Roof on 9th November 2018 brought exclusively by “Probably The Best Beer In The World”, Carlsberg, as a sneak peek of the much anticipated and exciting First Prize win offered for this promotional campaign. Continue reading


PTB Party 2018 KVWin an all-expense paid trip to Copenhagen with your friends OR host ‘Probably The Best Party’ of your choice ALL on Carlsberg!

Ending the year on a high note, Carlsberg is rewarding three consumers with “Probably The Best Party” trip to enjoy with five buddies each in Copenhagen, Denmark; and fifty consumers get to host a private bash here in Malaysia for 80 friends, compliments of Carlsberg! Continue reading

Carlsberg Where’s The Party 2013

The suspense was over. The day of one of Malaysia’s most anticipated party series had arrived and arrive it did bigger and bolder than before. Carlsberg threw another sweetener into the epic party this year by giving away 10 exclusive invites to the global Carlsberg Where’s the Party? that will be happening in Europe this August with none other than Axwell, formerly of Swedish House Mafia.


Clueless about the venue till they arrived, WTP 2013 took off in a cavernous hall at one of the country’s largest exhibition parks, which was transformed into a ‘jet-set’ venue complete with a rare Antonov airplane forming part of the backdrop. This year’s party was more than double the scale of last year, with the biggest turnout ever of 3,000 party goers from Malaysia and Singapore, and the breadth and depth of entertainment, stage and thematic set-up second to none. Carlsberg’s iconic WTP is for the bold who step up to earn an exclusive, money-can’t-buy invitation to a party where anything could happen.

At the party zone, Carlsberg fans were in for a mega night of visual and audio extravaganza, complete with pulsating beats, sizzling acts and ice cold Carlsberg beer, all orchestrated in a uniquely Carlsberg WTP style.


To kick off the party, new Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Henrik Andersen and Carlsberg Singapore managing director John Botia made a fitting appearance at the press conference when they alighted from the Antonov, accompanied by a bevy of brand ambassadors, dressed as air stewardesses.


Andersen said, “Air travel is our theme this year as we’re flying lucky Malaysians to Europe for our global party, we needed a massive place that would fit the plane and the huge crowd. This WTP is also about taking partygoers to new heights and it looks like we have set a new benchmark in the local party scene by creating another epic sensorial event.”

“For the first time in the history of WTP, Malaysians will be treated to the global WTP experience, where 22 nations will come together. Consumers bold enough to step up to the challenge will be justly rewarded with entry to this epic European party experience.”

With Malaysia’s very own stand-up comedian Douglas Lim opening the night and Swedish Dub House duo Cazzette headlining, WTP 2013 was a heady non-stop mix of international artistes and local heroes. Celebrity hosts Joey G and Patricia K made sure partygoers did not have a dull moment.


The night flowed with performers Nine Lives, Joel Turner, 3AM in the Valley and Big Skrptz from Australia, Korean Pop sensation Sweety, DJ Inquisitive, Miss Nine who hails from Germany, DJs Clazz and Ming Ming taking their turn on stage to give the crowd an inimitable blend of edgy dance music that kept them going till the wee hours.featuredstars2


This year also saw the first Carlsberg party mobile site introduced, making WTP 2013 the most socially savvy party around! Party goers just couldn’t help but flock to the ‘Be Bold’ mobile site to connect and meet new people, snap photos and take part in challenges that could win them passes to the global WTP. The ‘Be Bold’ Challenges were very well-liked and hundreds of uploads were displayed at the giant screen.


Others who prefer to chill and relax were kept entertained with party games that included the Loud Ludo, Marshall Matters, No-Sight Flight, Turbalance, Safety Slides and i-Darts.


WTP 2013 is again an epic one with multi faceted sensations. Whilst partying and dancing hard, party-goers were advised to drink in moderation and get their breath alcohol content tested. Over a hundred taxis were on standby to send consumers home.


The only question remaining now is ‘Where’s the party’ in 2014, Carlsberg?

 About Carlsberg Where’s The Party

Carlsberg Where’s the Party is a brand building and engagement platform to reach out to consumers aged 18 to 29 years old with an explorer mindset. The WTP premise is to inspire consumers to be bold and step up to the unknown – unknown location, unknown entertainment, where anything can happen. The first installment was held in June 2011 in conjunction with the global brand repositioning of Carlsberg. The second one was held in December 2011 whilst the third one was the first 3 Nation 1 Epic Party, held in Nov 2012. The event has since evolved into one of the most anticipated and talked-about party of the Malaysian youth’s social calendar. For more info, check out facebook/Carlsberg.

Source: Carlsberg Malaysia

Where’s The Party? 2013, all is revealed…almost

Where's The Party logoSELANGOR, July 4, 2013 – Mere hours to go and the anticipation for Where’s the Party? 2013 is rising to feverish levels. And just when we thought we could wait no longer, Carlsberg at long last revealed the ‘meeting point’ for WTP 2013. Granted it is only the location of a car park, but after months of speculation and wild guesses, this kernel of information is like a soothing balm for tortured imaginations, including the one belonging to yours truly.

We have been bold and willingly taken on the challenge of the Carlsberg WTP. And now our journey to the ultimate party experience will begin this Saturday at the car park of Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang. And then we’re headed for somewhere in the Klang Valley!

All other information still remains unknown, asides from the dress code. For those of you still in the dark about what to wear, we suggest you rock the night away in casual wear. Keep it comfortable is our advice if you’ve been to any of the past WTPs. After a long night of partying, taxis will be available on standby for hire to get partygoes safely home. These juicy little morsels of info are all we’re getting to satiate our curiosity for now.

So, what could be in store for us? An unexpected theme? Check. An awesome setting? Check. Like-minded pleasure seekers to mingle with? Check. Another epic experience in the iconic WTP series? Check. Ice cold Carlsberg? Check.

What more can we say? Facebook and Instagram contests have come and gone, teaser parties have been held, and the roving WTP crew has made its rounds. Now we patiently wait for a few more hours.

By the way, if you haven’t gotten your hands on an invite to WTP 2013 by now, the only thing you can do is hunt down a friend who has one. You won’t gain entry if you are not among the chosen ones!

See you Saturday!