DIGI brings in the Majestic Xiaomi MI3

 According to a Digi Webpage. Digi will be bringing in the Mi3 by Xiaomi. The developer of the popular Android port РMIUI ( MI = Rice, UI = User Interface).

The MI3 which is the third interation of the MI phone runs MIUI.

If you are interested of getting one. Just head on to the Digi Webpage and register your interests.

Xiaomi Mi3 by Digi

Xiaomi Mi3 by Digi

When the MI3 was open for sale online on the 20th of May. It was sold out in minutes. This would bring this value for money and very popular but limited in quantity phone within the reaches of Digi Users. The already good value for money phone is sold at $899. It would be interesting to see how much more cheaper Digi would make this phone.
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