Medini City Opens Cycling Paths & Creates Green Parks

Central Piazza in Medini

Central Piazza in Medini

Medini, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, 28 July 2017 – Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“MIM”) threw a soiree for its community yesterday to create awareness of its newly-completed cycling paths. The event, dubbed as ‘Chill and Ride in Medini City’, saw a gathering of employees from MIM, corporate tenants, sub-developers, residents and other stakeholders at Medini City’s Central Piazza to commemorate the latest milestone in the rapidly-growing township.

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LAUNCH OF NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® MILK WITH OATS L – R: 1.Model 2.Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Manager, Nestlé Malaysia 3.	Khoo Kar Khoon, Communication Director, Nestlé Malaysia 4.	Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Manager, Milks, Nestlé Malaysia 5.	Chew Soi Ping, Executive Director, Sales, Nestlé Malaysia 6.	Chris Chan, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestlé Malaysia 7.	Alesha Mah, Brand Manager, Nestlé Malaysia 8.	Evelyn Yoong, Innovation and Renovation Manager, Nestlé Malaysia 9.	Model

1. Model,  2. Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Manager, Nestlé Malaysia
3. Khoo Kar Khoon, Communication Director, Nestlé Malaysia, 4. Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Manager, Milks, Nestlé Malaysia
5. Chew Soi Ping, Executive Director, Sales, Nestlé Malaysia, 6. Chris Chan, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestlé Malaysia
7. Alesha Mah, Brand Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, 8. Evelyn Yoong, Innovation and Renovation Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, 9. Model

Malaysians can now power up their hearts withNestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats; the first-in-market combined action of two naturally-derived cholesterol-lowering ingredients, Acticol ® and Beta-glucan launched by Malaysia’s heart health advocator,Nestlé Omega Plus®. Continue reading

Chase Career, or Change Diapers?


Patients who shared their story during the panel urge other men and women to undergo fertility screening for better chances of having a baby, whether they are single, attached or married; or whether they are planning to have a baby now or later on. L-R: Patient Fatemeh Jalilvand with baby boy Amir Arsalan and husband Saiful Zamri (behind), Patient Laavanya Gopal Krishna with baby girl Keshannaa and husband M. Kumara Guru (behind).

In Malaysia, 1 in 6 couples are estimated to have fertility issues.

This is largely connected with the changing demographics for Malaysian couples.  Women are getting married later in life, and often pursuing careers to provide financial security before having children.  This is leading to an increasing number of couples struggling to conceive when they do want to start a family. Continue reading

Nestlé Omega Plus® Helps Malaysians Eat Smart For The Festive Season

1The festive season renews our bond with loved ones, friends and family over family gatherings and open houses, meetings with friends old and new over a delicious and mouth-watering spread of seasonal food that we just can’t get enough of. Faced with an array of tempting choices, our will to eat sensibly is challenged, as well as our heart health and cholesterol levels. Continue reading

To Tell or Not To Tell, Your Dirty Little Secret? BiO-LiFE Tells With Oralbiotix K12 Advanced Probiotic

BioLife-Product-PackshotTo tell or not to tell, your dirty little secret? BiO-LiFE® tells all with the launch of BiO-LiFE® Oralbiotix K12, containing Streptococcus salivarius K12 probiotics for the oral cavity (mouth) and upper respiratory tract. A dose of Streptococcus salivarius K12 a day promotes mouth and throat health, boosts our immune system and most importantly it promotes fresh breath. Streptococcus salivarius K12 strains were originally discovered as scientists tracked the oral health of a healthy child with exceptional throat health for several years. They discovered that a particular strain of S. salivarius (later named BLIS K12) was associated with mouth and throat health. Continue reading

Bone & Pot’s New Collagen Soup: The Tasty Choice to Health and Beauty

06The Bone & Pot delicacy consists of three important elements which are quality broth, fresh ingredients, and irresistibly delicious dipping sauces. Bone & Pot is expanding their menu to include “Collagen Soup”, a tasty choice to health and beauty. The secret ingredient is the collagen jelly, derived from deep sea marine sources imported fresh from Japan. Continue reading

Learn about Meditation from Emily Fletcher-the Hottest Meditation Teacher EVER EVER

Emily Flecther the hottest Meditation Teacher Ever speaks at Google about Meditation

Emily Flecther the hottest Meditation Teacher Ever speaks at Google about Meditation

Watch hot chick Emily Fletcher speak about Meditation at Google. Lucky Google Employees. Not only do they get high salary. They also get to listen to Meditation Minx Emily speak.

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Manufacturing of Poisonous Disposable Chopsticks Exposed!!

 A danger To Health Chopsticks !


This is a true case. If you don’t believe it, try the following test:

Soak a pair of disposable chopsticks (usually given to you when you buy food from a Chinese take-away) for between 3 to 5 minutes in hot boiling water.  Within minutes and right in front of your eyes, you will notice that  some white colouring matter seems to be dissolved in the hot water from the chopsticks. What is released from the chopsticks is actually a chemical -  a bleaching agent.

In a campaign promoting health care in Singapore recently, Professor Jackson Mathis reminds people not to use disposable chopsticks,almost all of them are made in or imported from China. He explained that during all raw materials are already covered with germs that make the wood materials look like they are coated in multiple colours or are covered with poisonous fungus.


The first process itself is already frightening as the manufacturer starts the process by soaking the wooden raw materials in a very big container th filled with a very toxic and highly poisonous chemical. This chemical is intentionally added to preserve the materials. After a few days of soaking, they are then washed with an even worse cleaning agent. In this case, it is a bleaching agent (which chemical ph level believed to be more than a thousand times beyond the general permissible/acceptable international standards). These chemicals can cause great harm to our health (if we continue to consume such chemicals into our bodies on a daily basis) as these chemicals are carcinogenic and likely to cause cancer.

Since his last visit to a disposable chopsticks manufacturing plant in China 5 years ago, Professor Jackson Mathis has immediately stop using disposable chopsticks and he said:

“If you have been using disposable chopsticks in the past, and continue using them again, please pause and think for a moment. Why is cancer spreading like wild fire these days throughout the world and affecting all sorts of people? Think also how many pairs of disposable chopsticks a factory in China is producing by the minute and what harm can be done.”
Maybe we should start bringing our own ivory chopsticks around to eat at the stalls ?    In fact I bring my own containers to buy food and Styrofoam boxes are also harmful to us if we persistently use them 

Korean metal chopsticks are good!


The gorgeous Fruit Papaya….

Make sure that you have some as often as possible.



Papaya was the only studied food found to halt breast cancer.

Scientists studied 14 plant foods commonly consumed in Mexico to determine their ability to halt breast cancer cell growth. These included avocado, black sapodilla, guava, mango, prickly pear cactus (nopal), pineapple, grapes, tomato, and papaya. They also evaluated beta-carotene, total plant phenolics, and gallic acid contents and antioxidant capacity. They found that only papaya had a significant effect on stopping breast cancer cell growth. Continue reading

Difference between Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack

What’s the difference between Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack? Aren’t these the same as stroke? 

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Sources: American Heart Association

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