Lunch at Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard PJ (Bkt Tinggi series pt 2)

This is part of our Bukit Tinggi Series:-
1.DHillPines Resort @ Kampung Bukit tinggi-Bentong
2.Lunch at Greenlicious @ 10 Boulevard PJ 
3.Dinner at Restaurant Summer Park @ Kampung Bukit Tinggi 

Looking for a place that serves a good variety of organic dishes? Do try Greenlicious Restaurant. In our recent trip(D’HillPines, Bukit Tinggi), we had a delicious meal of organic grown vegetables from Kampung Bukit Tinggi. We found out that they too get their organic vegetable supply from Bukit Tinggi where they serve customers and if you are interested, you can also buy the green vegetables at Greenlicious as well.


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Kompassion – Thai Fusion

Love Thai food? Then you should try Thai Fusion! There’s a lovely but simple, modern and cozy place in Damansara Kim which serves delicious, really mouth-watering and appetizing meals. The main crowd who visits this restaurant is mainly the younger generation ranging from 20’s to late 30’s. This restaurant serves pork which is absolutely delicious and very well prepared.

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